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A brand is psychology and science brought together to positively influence a customer’s perception. Products have life cycles. Brands outlive products. Brands convey a uniform quality, credibility and experience. Brands are valuable. It is the responsibility of the VeCreative team to maximise this value.


What we did

Over the past year, the VeCreative team has become truly global – with designers servicing approximately 44 countries worldwide. As Ve’s international presence grows, so too does the importance of a consistently strong brand. Here, we take a brief look at our international design activity and the way in which our brand identity is being applied and developed effectively.


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International design


Many of our European offices are particularly well developed and have adopted 2016’s creative direction with great success. See here exhibition stands from Ve DACH and Ve Spain, as well as a still from a video by Ve France and an original illustration from Ve Nordics.

North & South America

Our analytics data highlighted the United States and Brazil offices as particularly frequent users of Brandfolder. The way in which they have taken advantage of existing assets and templates has proven extremely beneficial. See here a social media graphic and email campaign from Ve Brazil and a T-shirt decal and one-sheet snapshot from Ve North America.

Asia Pacific

Our APAC designers continue to fly the Ve flag. Here we see a branded calendar, a snapshot of a VePanel product press release and some office signage from Ve Japan, as well as an infographic on China’s online retail trends from Ve’s Hong Kong design team.


What’s new

We’re regularly producing new assets and introducing new visual devices and styles to the brand. All of which are now being properly detailed in our newly updated Brand Guidelines document. Read about some of the major updates below…



We live in a visual culture. Images capture the imagination and help us understand context without needing to read the fine print. The use of photography in our marketing material better enables us to engage our audience by conveying the personality of our brand and by building an emotional connection.

Coming soon

A fully original bank of Ve stock photography with accompanying production guidelines.



They say a picture can tell a thousand words. Using illustrations to support copy can really help to focus messaging and communicate ideas. We’ve introduced a clean, distinctive style of line-illustrated artwork – suitable for a range of uses:

  • Technical diagrams to explain how our products work
  • Playful illustrations to help describe more abstract concepts
  • 3D device drawings to show our products in context
Coming soon

A separate Brandfolder specifically for our extensive library of illustrations.


Refined palette

The consolidation of our Apps gave us the opportunity to overhaul our basic brand styles. The spectrum of individual App colours has now merged and been distilled into a core set of primary and secondary colours. Gone are the polygon graphics and VeApp super-gradients, which at one time represented the aforementioned ‘merger’, replaced by a clean set of neutral and coloured background gradients and tasteful photography.

Coming soon

A completely redesigned and updated Brand Guidelines document.


What’s next

Work is currently being done to deliver our brand vision and definition. This will help to solidify the way in which we think about the company and the way in which we want it to be perceived going forward. Here’s what you can expect to read about soon…


Vision & definition

The core brand vision and definition underline what the Ve brand stands for and how we communicate it. To ensure we deliver focused and consistent messaging across every touch point, we need to fully understand what the Ve brand stands for and how we can convey it effectively.


Our brand essence is the single source of truth, the sweet spot where the unique elements of our brand intersect. It is a precise statement pinpointing the core of our brand.


Our vision statement defines our long-term aspirations for Ve and for our industry. It explains why we’re doing what we’re doing and the ultimate good we want to achieve through our success.


Our brand mission should be short and sweet, vital and visceral. It’s a way to focus energy, action and innovation within the company. Our brand mission doesn’t describe, it activates.


Our brand values dictate how we hire, how we build relationships with and retain employees, how we interact with clients and customers, how we approach innovation, and how we stand out from competitors.


Essential tools

Brandfolder has recently been updated to ensure that all documents and assets are consistent and up-to-date. We also now have a new online Style Guide for the corporate website as well as an Invision board featuring all of the latest commercial design work…


Your toolkit


Guidelines, collateral, documents and assets


Examples of the latest branded collateral


Our online brand standards guide

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