American Soda

Some background

American Soda are one of the largest online purveyors of iconic candy and drinks, bringing authentic US confectionary direct to the UK market.

The Problem

American Soda noticed their website was leading plenty of customers to the checkout, but it was at this stage where things went a little flat. Despite their enticing products, stunning site design, and seamless user journey, they discovered that they were losing far too many sales at the checkout process. Enter Ve Interactive.

Our Solution

The campaign objectives were clear; to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates. To do this Ve used its suite of re-engagement apps.

To re-connect with these already interested customers, the guys at American Soda started off with VeContact – our data-driven, re-engagement email app. Recovering sales through personalised and on brand email campaigns. With mobile browsing surging past that of its desktop counterpart, it was imperative that American Soda moved their campaign to responsive-designed email templates to match the heightened expectations of the modern customer.

Next we deployed our VePrompt app to engage potential customers at the very point of abandonment. Through launching a customised, dynamic overlay at the point of abandonment, we recovered a large volume of sales at this decisive moment.

The overlay of a soda can, with the design of the star spangled banner reinforces the American Soda brand. The clear Call-to-Action, contrasting with brand style, and the concise copy, create a highly engaging catalyst for conversions.

After the successful implementation of VeContact and VePrompt, American Soda decided to activate more of the VePlatform’s apps to get the very best from their website. This involved using VeAssist to reduce bounce rate and VeAds display advertising to retarget customers who had previously abandoned their purchase.

American Soda

The Results

0 %
VeContact email open rate
0 %
VeContact email to conversion rate
+ 0 %
VePrompt click to conversion rate
+ 0 %
VeAds click to conversion rate
  • With Ve Interactive, the cost is minimal for what you get back. The ease of implementation, high level of customer service and dedicated account management, mean that even if you're with another provider, you should definitely think about switching.

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