Onsite Engagement

Revolutionize your customer’s journey with user-centric experiences.

Data-driven decisions

VePanel represents a revolutionary shift in onsite engagement, offering a more consumer centric aesthetic and marking the retirement of intrusive overlays and pop-ups.

VePanel can be seamlessly integrated into any website, within all sectors, providing a brand-native experience.

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Increase conversions

Working with over 10,000 eCommerce customers and analyzing billions of online audience data points, we understand what influences customers to convert online.

VePanel harnesses this insight to provide intuitive and relevant content to your customers, driving them to make a purchase.

How it works

Onsite Engagement
1. Personalized engagement

If a customer shows signs of leaving your site, VePanel is launched.

Onsite Engagement
2. Seamlessly integrated

Revealing from the right of the website, VePanel is fully integrated into your site.

Onsite Engagement
3. Intelligent features

The VePanel container intelligently displays the most relevant features and messaging based on their onsite activity, to encourage your customer to convert.


Working across your site, VePanel seamlessly engages your customers throughout the user journey.

Improved site performance

Increases your site’s conversion rate by increasing engagement and reducing abandonment

Data-driven decisions

Intelligently profiles your customer’s behavior to deliver the right message at the right time

Device agnostic

Enhance user experience across devices with the fully adaptable interface

How it works 1
How it works 2
How it works 3

Essential tool

Displays helpful features, products and messaging most relevant to your customer

Intuitive design

Easy-to-use and intuitive design that your customers will love interacting with

Customizable branding

Design and styling are customizable to integrate with your website

Industry-leading results

Fueled by Ve’s extensive data resource, sophisticated tech and advertising know-how.

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Incremental uplift in sales

Key Features

Provide a unique customer experience every time.

Promotional messaging

Shares dynamic promotional codes and tailored content

Search assistance

Indexes your product catalog for easy search

Browsing history

Shows and provides links back to browsed products

Features 1
Features 2
Features 3

Product bookmarking

Emails customer’s basket to complete purchases later

Recommended products

Shows products based on history and similar customer profiles

Social sharing

Let customers share products with their connections

Always on brand

Fully customizable to your brand and mobile-friendly, the VePanel container completely integrates with the design of your website.

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