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Joy to the world of advertisements! With nearly 70 percent of Americans regularly shopping online, and 50 percent taking advantage of free shipping, you best be creating holiday ads that make an impact on shoppers. Shoppers are faced with advertisements nearly every time they open their computers, so the competition is tight, especially leading up to the end of December.

This holiday season, we kept track of nine memorable, festive ads on the Internet that got us believing in the magic of holiday online shopping.

1. Kate Spade

This joyous ad would catch the eye of any Kate Spade shopper. The bright, adorable holiday advertisement drives the kind of “I want to shop” attitude.  It perfectly grasps the attention of their target audience shopper by getting them excited to give the gift of Kate Spade.

Kate Spade


2. Adobe

This Black Friday ad from adobe really sets a specific “game on” tone. It almost suggests the shopper to challenge and engage in their 20% off promotion, as if it were a game. The black and red colors also propose an intense experience. Dominant yet simple- always grabs the reader’s attention.


3. Logitech

Logitech’s banner ad simply says, “happy holidays, checkout our discounts” without actually saying it. The red and white colors are a great symbolization of Christmas and easy to read. Without giving too much away, it leaves their audience wondering what the “Seven Weeks of Surprises” will be, with a clear and bold “discover” CTA.


4. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton went with visuals as their main focus. The dark red background is the perfect color for this time of season, and the showcased product looks like royalty. How could this not make the shopper want to discover more? The lack of wordage and encouragement to click and learn more is refreshing to the eyes.


5. Wayfair

The lovely display of products in this banner ad is fantastic. Specific to the item you looked at, there are other suggestions of similar products in the ad. Additionally, their promotion of 70% off is one that is certainly hard for shoppers to pass up, especially paired with the phrase “Holiday Must-Haves”.


6. TomTom

Another ad targeted based off of intent, TomTom delivers a competent display ad to draw shoppers back and ultimately purchase. The $40 promotion is clearly highlighted at the bottom in red, which matches the festive red bow at the top of the ad. Why not go back and purchase if you could save $40? Every discount matters during the holiday season.


7. Columbia

This banner ad is true to its audience. If you’re browsing around the Columbia website and get retargeted with an ad like this, it will only remind you about how awesome winter sports can be and the gear you need to make it happen. For those itching to play in the snow, Columbia nailed this ad.


8. Spotify

Spotify’s funky little ad for Spotify Premium is enjoyable, colorful and hints towards the holidays without overdoing it. The patterns and mixture of vibrant colors catches the reader’s attention. Since most people probably don’t think of Spotify premium as a gift to give during the holidays, they expertly purposed the word “unwrap” to hint that it can be a great, surprising gift to give this holiday season.


9. Amazon

Here’s a classic promotional tweet from Amazon. Last-minute deals are something shoppers always want and need. Especially with Amazon’s excellent shipping options, it’s not too late to shop on Amazon while getting those sought-after holiday discounts, and this ad is here simply to remind you of just that.



Have you come across any other striking holiday ads? Let us know in the comments section below.

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