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It can be astonishing to look back on your holiday purchases to see just how much money you spent on shipping alone. Why not participate in a one day event where free shipping can be offered to all of your shoppers? If you haven’t heard already, you can: December 16, 2016 is National Free Shipping Day.

Since 2008, National Free Shipping Day has brought holiday cheer and smiles upon millions of online shoppers. Shipping is free, no matter where the package is going.

Just like egg nog and Rudolph, last minute shopping is a time honored tradition of the holiday season. Speaking of last minute, National Free Shipping Day was put together only two weeks before the day launched for the first time. The concept behind this day was to “give customers what they want in a timely, convenient and affordable fashion.” National Free Shipping Day grew rapidly and profitably. The number of merchants that participated grew 10 times in just three years. After four years, Free Shipping Day’s services had created what is regarded as a premier shopping holiday.

There’s truly nothing more reassuring for stressed-out shoppers during the holidays than free shipping with a guaranteed arrival date. In 2011 and 2012, the day yielded more than $1 billion in online sales. This was not far behind Cyber Monday, which generated $1.3 billion in sales in 2011.

Why should brands participate in National Free Shipping Day? For starters, it helps to accommodate your customers seasonal needs, while providing a seamless user experience. Participating will assist in achieving your goals of a customer journey that ultimately ends in a happy, converted shopper.

Customers will be excited to visit your store online. It provides them an incentive to shop on your website, and for you, it increases traffic and is a great opportunity to meet sales goals. It’s hard to displease customers by offering them free shipping. They appreciate any type of promotional deal, so award your shoppers with the gift of free shipping during the time they need it the most. The more that companies participate in this holiday, the more customers will recognize them for it. This means that buyers are likely to re-visit your site and complete purchases during this day each year.

Target, JCPenny, Barnes N Noble, Tommy Hillfiger and Talbots are just some of the major brand names participating in National Free Shipping Day. In just a few short years, the day has become immensely popular with brands and consumers. Now that shoppers are buying online more than ever, free shipping is without a doubt a factor when it comes to crossing off the holiday shopping list. Get ahead of the holiday shopping game and out-do your competitors, it’s time to get involved in National Free Shipping Day.

This holiday season, take advantage of National Free Shipping Day and drive additional online revenue!

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