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Year-round, eCommerce pros combat cart abandonment. Especially during the holidays, you want to pay extra attention and strive to reduce abandonment as it’s the time where engaged audiences need to buy.

During the holiday shopping season, you have active buyers who need to purchase, but ultimately abandon their shopping carts before checkout. Here are five reasons why shoppers abandon and how you can prevent it.

1:  Unexpected Costs

According to Statista, 56 percent of shoppers abandon shopping carts when they encounter unexpected costs. This is more than half of your shoppers, which simply no business can afford. Transparency throughout the entire checkout process is key. Be honest with your shoppers. After all, they want to trust your brand just as much as you want their trust.

If you must surprise your shoppers, surprise them with discounts or free shipping. Specifically during the holidays, free shipping is expected by shoppers. If you do charge for shipping, it is best to provide a shipping estimate or calculator on the product page so that shoppers can see what the item will ultimately cost. In the example below, you can see how Walmart has its own elaborate section for shipping. It presents a link to shipping options if you want it by a certain date, as well as a free pickup option at a nearby location.

Walmart Shipping Options

2:  Lack of promo codes

We get it, not every brand can discount like Best Buy on Black Friday and still turn a profit. The holidays are all about special offers and discounts, so if you can afford to offer any type of discount, get creative with it. How will your customer feel like they are getting a special deal that’s equal or better than the deal your competitors are offering?

Mirror existing incentives on your site. Do you already offer rush shipping to customers with a basket value of more than $100 dollars? Offer free / rush shipping for orders that are above a certain value. Capitalize on the fact that you are offering something different (i.e. better) than your competitors. Discounts are important, but they aren’t the only incentives out there that can capture a customer’s heart (and wallet).

3: Site not mobile-friendly

U.S consumers spent a record $1.2 billion via mobile on Black Friday, according to a new report from Adobe Digital Insights. It is certainly no secret, consumers are more dependent on their mobile devices and are purchasing on them now more than ever.  No matter what channel you engaged with customers on, it must be fully optimized.

If your site is not mobile-friendly and straightforward to navigate, you’ll not only loose that sale, but also annoy the customer, which is bad business. Consumers can easily find another site that is a breeze to operate on a smart phone and purchase from them. In fact, 72 percent of consumers say that mobile-friendly sites are important to them. If your site is mobile-friendly, those users are even more likely to come back to your site again in the future.

4: Localization issues

We live in a global shopping world. This means, websites must account for all cultures and currencies on eCommerce sites. When it comes to location and tracking, you don’t want customers to abandon because your site can’t accommodate their currencies and methods of payment. In fact, 59 percent of shoppers will not make a purchase if your website doesn’t offer their preferred payment method.

An easy fix to the issue is PayPal. It has 173 million customers worldwide and is a universally accepted method of payment.

5: Long/complicated checkout process

Shoppers are busy – there’s much to do during the holiday season, they don’t have all the time in the world to spend on your checkout page. Here are a couple of ways to reduce a lengthy checkout page.

  • Only capture the necessary information (do you really need a fax number)?
  • Use cross-sell and upsell techniques in moderation.
  • Keep the upsells to one page in the process or include at the bottom of the page as not to detract from the ultimate goal: a completed conversion.

Yes, it’s the holidays and everyone wants to make the most from the sales they get. Always keep in mind, especially when it comes to the checkout process: the simpler, the better.

This season, don’t let cart abandonment ruin the holidays. Use the information here to create a peaceful, painless check out process. The experience is everything.

To find out more about the checkout process, cart abandonment and user experience, take a look at our Resources section below.

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