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Over the last few years, there has been an insurgence in mobile apps. In 2012, mobile apps were downloaded almost 64 million times. Jump forward to 2016, and this figure is predicted to exceed 224 million downloads. From shopping and calendars to gaming and photo sharing, apps can provide convenience and entertainment, as well as help to save money and time.

So with this huge increase in mind, and the great number of mobile apps now available to us, we have picked out our top six mobile apps that will help make your Christmas more successful and memorable than ever.

1.  Perfect Christmas Dinner

Are you a terrible cook? Or perhaps your parent-in-laws are coming for Christmas lunch? Fear not, for the Perfect Christmas Dinner app has all the cookery tips and tricks to make sure you don’t burn a thing. Bringing you expert help from professional chef tutors from one of the UK’s leading culinary schools, the app contains 25 step-by-step video recipes to help you cook the ultimate Christmas spread; from the perfect fluffy roast potatoes to the ultimate stuffing.

The app also features a shopping list, just to make sure you don’t forget any vital ingredients.

2.  Christmas Countdown

Can’t wait for Christmas? Then the Christmas Countdown app is a must for you this festive season. Showing a countdown to Christmas day, it is a live wallpaper on your phone’s background so you don’t even need to open up an app to know how many sleeps till the big day – perfect for adults and children alike.

Available on Android and Apple, the wallpaper features a sparkly Christmas tree and can play Christmas carols to truly get you in the festive spirit. And what’s best, it’s absolutely free.

3.  Christmas Gift List

Buying presents for your family and friends can be quite a struggle, keeping track of who you still need to buy presents for and how much money you’ve spent. However, with the Christmas Gift List app, you need panic no more.

Using the app you can create customized gift lists, organizing profiles for people you want to buy gifts for, accompanied with notes and links to gift ideas. You can also set a budget so you know exactly how much money you have left to spend and so limit overspending. Once purchased, you can then mark the profile as ‘bought’, and even ‘wrapped’, making sure no one is forgotten.

4.  Fȇte

Over the Christmas period, you’ll no doubt be inundated with party invitations, but many of these can easily be lost or forgotten in the hectic build-up to Christmas. Invitations on social media are easy to fall by the wayside, while email invitations can be lost in your spam, or not even reach it at all because the email address isn’t known. So how can you make sure that your party isn’t forgotten?

With the mobile app Fete. This app allows you to create event invitations that are sent via text message, to which recipients can RSVP straight back via text without having to download the app themselves. With everyone glued to their mobile phone, this is a sure way to keep up to date with party numbers and make sure your party has a great turnout.

5.  Picniic

Managing everyone’s plans around the Christmas season can be quite a challenge, particularly with a large family to coordinate. But we have found the app to help. Available on Android and iOS, Picniic is a family organization app that allows each person to fill out their plans and location in a shared calendar so you can know what everyone is up to.

The app also contains shopping lists and recipe planners to coordinate family meals and make sure there are no complaints around the dinner table.

6.  Christmas RADIO

There’s no better way to get into the festive spirit than by listening to some Christmas music, but it can be hard to find a radio station that devotes all its music to Christmas tunes – but no longer!

Available on Android and iOS, Christmas RADIO allows you to tune in to more than 50 Christmas-themed internet radio stations so you can pass the whole day listening exclusively to festive tunes.


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A version of this post originally appeared on our UK site written by Kate Rogerson.

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