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  • Rarely do you come across a piece of technology that delivers such value. Making e-commerce work better is just the beginning for Ve

    Sir John Hegarty Founder & Creative, BBH

Acquiring. Engaging. Converting.

Ve is a world-leading technology company whose platform has become an essential component for any online business to acquire, engage and convert customers.

Formed in 2009, Ve has gone on to become National Champion representing the United Kingdom in the 2013/4 European Business Awards, Digital Champion in the Growing Business Awards 2014, Gold medal winner for Software Company of the Year in the Stevie International Business Awards 2013, winner of a Data Strategy Award 2014 and a European Business Award for Best Practice 2014.

Under the vision and steerage of its co founder & CEO, the award-winning serial entrepreneur David J. Brown, the company has since gone on to become one of the most exciting and proactive technology companies in the e-commerce space. In September 2013 it was one of six British companies chosen to be featured in The Telegraph’s Toshiba ‘Leading Innovation’ Series and was listed in the 2014 Digital Leaders Top 100.

  • At Entrepreneur Country, we look to champion high-growth British businesses which can compete in a global market place. Ve Interactive not only possesses these qualities, but has the ability to successfully enter markets at will. They are a shining example of a new era of Great British business.

    Amit Pau Director, Entrepreneur Country

Ve is now multinational, with proven operational expertise and a global reputation for being the most trusted and best in class. The company has a record of generating returns that are among the highest in the industry and is proud of its ethical corporate behaviour and culture. It also gives its pro bono digital services to the international development organization, Concern Universal and designed, built and donated the Peace One Day website.

Serving over 10,000 e-commerce clients around the world, working in 26 languages and with 37 offices worldwide, Ve implements online efficiency strategies for domestic and multinational retailers, increasing their online conversions by an average of 25%.

  • Ve Interactive prides itself on always seeking to provide renewed software relevancy for our e-commerce clients, so that we can continually improve their prospects for customer acquisition, conversion and retention.

    David J. Brown Co Founder & CEO, Ve Interactive

37 Offices

Worldwide support.
Stockholm, Sweden (Nordic HQ) Copenhagen, Denmark Moscow, Russia Amsterdam, The Netherlands London, UK (HQ) Berlin, Germany (HQ) Warsaw, Poland Paris, France Munich, Germany Cluj, Romania Boston, USA Milan, Italy Monaco New York, USA Bilbao, Spain Madrid, Spain Seoul, South Korea Santa Barbara, USA Tokyo, Japan Shanghai, China Hong Kong S.A.R., China Mexico City, Mexico Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Singapore São Paulo, Brazil Melbourne, Australia

International footprint

We have globalized our software portfolio to make it accessible to merchants worldwide, while offering localized and personalized support. We now have 37 offices, including 3 development hubs, in EMEA, ASIA PAC and the Americas. This means we have the ability to fully support cross-border online retailers.

We are continuing to shape the e-commerce industry. Our software continues to win internationally recognized awards. Our acquisition of adGENIE in April 2014, and GDM Digital in Nov 2014, makes Ve the e-commerce industry’s first consolidated remarketing, retargeting and digital advertising delivery company.

Responsible business

Ve Interactive believes in responsible business and is proud to give our pro-bono services to the international development organization, Concern Universal, to assist with their digital strategy. This partnership was awarded a silver medal in the Stevie International Business Awards 2013. We have also built and donated a new Peace One Day site to the Peace Day organisation for their 2014 campaign.

  • Ve Interactive have supported us in so many ways from the outset. It’s not just the valuable pro-bono digital support they provide, but the professional consultation and review, the boundless enthusiasm, and the energetic engagement from all of their dedicated team. Thank you.

    Alexandra Sherry Marketing & Communications, Concern Universal

The Ve Interactive founders also incubate other businesses that have strong online elements. Ve staff share in the ownership of these businesses too, which is not only great for their long-term wealth, but creates opportunities for them to gain greater business acumen as well.

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