Launch, customise and manage your own online shop assistant

Introducing Ve

Ve is your online shop assistant, providing prompts and suggestions that help your customers through the checkout process and increase your website conversions.


Sign up and connect your shop assistant to your website


Build branded engagement campaigns using Ve’s simple editors


Enhance your campaigns to improve their performance

Onsite Engagement

VePanel enhances the customer experience on your website.

It activates when a customer shows signs of leaving your site by revealing a personalised panel to the right of the screen:

  • Display a message to keep them onsite
  • Offer promotional codes to encourage purchases
  • Capture email addresses to send your customers their basket

The panel replaces traditional website pop-ups, improving the user experience and engaging website visitors 2.6x more than overlays.

Cart Recovery

Recover lost customers when they abandon baskets during the checkout process.

Ve captures the email address from your checkout form before the customer submits their order. It then sends their shopping basket via email so they can continue their purchase at a later time that suits them.

  • Send abandoned shopping carts to increase sales
  • Offer promotional messages to incentivise purchases
  • Generate 1 new sale for every 41 emails sent

Why Ve?

We have a history of helping big brands convert more website visitors and now our expertise and award winning tech is available in one easy to use platform.

Easy to use

Simple setup, campaign maintenance and reporting

Customisable branding

Tailor design and messaging to integrate with your site and brand

Improved user experience

Your shop assistant activates when your customers need it most

Turn passive visitors into customers

Engage with visitors onsite and, if they leave, ensure they don’t buy from competitors

Data-driven solutions

Our insights help us deliver the right content at the right time

Customer support

Benefit from our expertise, best practice guides, helpful tips and FAQs

Industry-leading results

Fuelled by Ve’s extensive data resource, engaging technology and industry experience.

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Average incremental uplift in website conversions
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Pay on performance

Following the 30-day free trial, we only charge 5% commission when we help you make a sale.

No credit card required
No charge unless we help you convert

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