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Groundhog Day. Aka living the same day over and over again. It sounds like hell on earth, right?

Wrong! In this blog I explore why doing the same thing with small tweaks over time can actually lead to vast improvement on your site.

Slow and steady can win the ‘race’

We’re told to constantly optimise and think broader and bigger in our marketing campaigns. And by all means, big creative ideas should always be welcomed and implemented when it comes to strategy.

But that doesn’t mean that a measured and steady conversion rate optimisation (CRO) strategy can’t bubble away calmly behind the scenes.

What is CRO again? – It’s the process of gradually working to improve your conversion rate (the percentage of users who take the desired action or complete the ‘goal’ on your site) But it’s not just about bagging users and convincing them to convert. It’s about nurturing customers, providing them with a better experience over time and ideally encouraging them to become long term subscribers to what you offer.

As Judah Phillips of Smart Current says:

‘CRO requires a different mindset than other marketing activities. You can’t simply “test faster” or confidently make quick decisions based on preliminary data. Like fine wine, CRO takes some time to mature.’

Whilst profits and margins are always, and rightly so, on marketers’ minds, as Judah implies it’s worth remembering that eCommerce is not a ‘race’. Everyone wants instant results, but the best things in life take a bit of work. Great CRO requires diligence, creativity and patience. And gradual, clever tweaks over time are a great way to see excellent results over time.

Tweak your way to success through testing

‘Tweaking’ your site and strategy via A/B or split testing may not seem like a dramatic approach to CRO, but the results themselves can be dramatic.

  • Sony A/B tested variations of its homepage checkout page layout to increase purchases by 20%
  • President Obama raised an additional $60 million from his 2007 campaign using A/B testing
  • Secret Escapes tested variations of their mobile sign-up pages, doubling conversion rates and increasing lifetime value

In other words, testing works. Tweaking works. And the beautiful, admittedly Groundhog day-esque thing about testing is that it doesn’t and shouldn’t end.

Until you’re getting a 100% conversion rate all year round (good luck with that), there’s always a test or tweak you can be running, whether it’s to get the perfect CTA colour or the best possible homepage headline. So embrace the Groundhog Day effect, and see how small tweaks over time can lead to vast improvement on your site.

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Ellie Hubble
Ellie is a Content Manager in Ve's Digital team, and actively leads creative content campaigns from idea generation to live project. She has written for a broad variety of sites, such as, Travioor and the Daily Touch and is happiest when bringing an original angle to an old conversation. Ellie proudly hails from Devon, but controversially prefers the Cornish way of making a cream tea.
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