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Charlie Ashe, Digital Strategy Director at Ve, recently took part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon.

Charlie and his Dad decided to take part in the event to raise money for the Haemophilia Society, after members of their family had been affected by the disease.

As part of Ve’s CSR policy, we were able to contribute £300 towards this amazing cause.

To find out more about Charlie’s motivations and the day itself, we caught up with the man himself.


  1. Tell us why you ran for The Haemophilia Society?

Having sadly never met my uncle Chris because of it, and seeing my other Uncle George coping with this disease every day, it has always been close to my heart to raise money for those suffering from it. The government has made cuts this year that included any funding for this charity. I ran the half marathon with my Dad, who was sadly banned from doing another full marathon by Mum, in the hope to raise as much as possible for the charity.


  1. Did you have a goal for the Half Marathon?

To finish it with Dad. He has always been a really good marathon runner and it was the first time I did one with him. I wanted to show I could keep up with him!


  1. What was your training regime?

I was on crutches for 3 months before, so wasn’t able to train or do much in advance. Just went for it on the day with a positive attitude.


  1. What was the toughest aspect?

Missing Glastonbury tickets to run it.

  1. What did you have waiting at the end of the finish line?

My Mum and Great Aunt with a boozy lunch!


You can learn more about the great work The Haemophilia Society does here

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