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A state-of-the-art reporting tool for online merchants outside of affiliate networks 
Real time reporting on abandonment, cart recovery & conversion statistics

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An efficient way to track your conversions
VeMerchant is a proprietary reporting tool allowing online businesses using VeCapture, VeContact and/or VeChat the chance to easily review their website performance and pay for additional conversions with confidence.

By signing up to VeMerchant, website owners have an efficient system at their disposal to track the conversion of abandoned transactions Captured, Contacted and Converted by Ve Interactive.
abandonment solutions
Website abandonment solutions
VeMerchant is ideal for website owners who want to tackle overall website abandonment issues, in particular cart recovery, and who do not use affiliate programs to report sales.
Convenient reporting
Convenient reporting
A self-contained reporting tool, VeMerchant provides a convenient and efficient view on website conversion activity and the only fees charged are upon approved conversions.

Data Protection
Ve Interactive take Data Protection very seriously. We work with the ICO and specialist media lawyers Lee & Thompson, and our in-house Data Compliance Manager ensures that all technologies and processes adhere to the correct, and best practice guidelines for both legal and compliance standards. View Our Data Protection Policies

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