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Engage with online customers during the checkout process, live and in real-time using our fully automated VeChat software
Blend real-time customer service & marketing into your sales process, 24/7

VeChat™ – real-time, automated, revolutionary
In some cases less than 20% of customers leave an email address when they abandon an online shopping cart. Email remarketing is one of the least intrusive ways to give a consumer a relevant brand nudge to come back and complete a purchase. It is the ultimate in passive re-engagement promoting good customer service.

The problem however, is that of those who commence a checkout process, but ultimately decide to leave before completion, less than 20% leave an email address. This means that there is no available method of contacting that 80%, to ensure they could find what they came for, or got the service they required. So now they are potentially shopping somewhere else. In other words, after getting your online customer to the cart, defeat has been snatched from the jaws of victory.
Operator: Hi, I can see you are about to leave the site, would it help if I give you a link to click to take you straight to what you were looking for?
Guest: Yes Please
Operator: I see you were searching for Chardonnay, here's the link for #Chardonnay#
Guest: Thanks
Operator: No Problem, bye
Operator is typing...
The same VeCapture/VeContact Asynchronous JS code that is already on your website serves as the connection from your website to our powerful VeDataHub. Here the intelligent analysis and unlimited criteria filtering is applied in order to drive the VeChat™ engine. So getting the solution underway is a quick and easy process, requiring no work on your side, other than having a conversation with us.
The Ultimate In Effectiveness
A customer clicking to leave your site or closing their browser during the checkout process is an uninterrupted abandonment. If they left an email address however, the remarketing process can commence. However, if they didn't, they were lost. Now our VeChat™ engine will load what looks like a chat box within your page and ask a basic question, applicable to where they were in that process. For example, a red asterisk popping up because a credit card billing address wasn't recognised, will trigger our chat agent to ask the right questions and point them in the right direction, ensuring engagement, so that the customer stays with you and converts.
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