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Caroline | November 14, 2012

Company – Holiday Taxis
Name – Ashley Emery
Role – Account Manger

Q - What is/ Who are Holiday Taxis?
Holiday Taxis was set up in 2002 in order to meet the burgeoning demand for customers who want to quickly and effectively pre-book transfers from overseas airports to their hotels, timeshares or private accommodation. 
Q – Why did you chose the Ve Interactive platform?
We chose the Ve Interactive platform because it is clear to us that our demographic are more inclined to shop around for the best deals, some can visit over 5 sites to check prices. We have been working with re-marketing for a while but email re-marketing just seemed to make more sense. 
Q – How has the platform affected your sales?
Sales have increased beyond our expectations. Ve Interactive now offer us the most effective way of re-engaging our customers.
Q - How do you see the platform benefitting Holiday Taxis? in the future?
If we can continue to convert this otherwise lost traffic our advertising budget will increase and so will Ve Interactive sales. The future is self fulfilling. 
Q - What’s the fun side of working with Ve Interactive?
Excellent customer service, friendly account managers and an all round great company to partner with.

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