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Ve Interactive is shortlisted for a Data Strategy Award 2013

ByKathy Heslop on Dec 12, 2012 / Comments

While 2012 was the year of basket abandonment for the e-commerce industry and saw Ve Interactive win three awards for its work in cart recovery and remarketing, behind the scenes, Ve Interactive’s tech team has spent the year extending the company’s portfolio of software solutions and services.

Now, in addition to offering enterprise-level conversion software, it has designed a roster of additional data-driven solutions to help e-commerce clients achieve total online efficiency. And the team’s hard work and innovation has paid off, because yesterday Ve Interactive was delighted to learn that it has been shortlisted in the prestigious Data Strategy Awards 2013!
Powered by Marketing Week, the Data Strategy Awards are designed to reward brands for their clever use of data to drive efficiency, relevance and most of all, effectiveness. The nomination is Ve Interactive’s first for 2013 and follows an incredible year, which saw three award wins and a total of eight nominations for its basket abandonment and remarketing software - VeCapture and VeContact.
Being shortlisted for a Data Strategy award acknowledges Ve Interactive’s focus on taking data-driven insight further for its clients. The VeDataHub, the company’s engine that captures, processes, segments and acts upon billions of records daily has already directly generated over £1 billion in sales for clients and now also powers the company’s own ecommerce platform, VeCommerce, a private reporting network and app, VeMerchant and VeServices, a suite of optimisation solutions.
Said David Brown, Co Founder & CEO of Ve Interactive: “No online business should exist in a vacuum anymore. We are participating in a renaissance in marketing where data is critical, giving signals amongst all the noise and continually driving relevancy and business strategy. Data isn’t just a numbers game anymore, it’s a way of thinking and so we are absolutely delighted to have been shortlisted.”