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Go carting!

ByKathy Heslop on Nov 09, 2012 / Comments

Where’s the fine line between achieving sensitive brand engagement and the risk of incurring consumer fatigue by bombarding them with commercial messaging in the run up to the hectic holiday season?
It’s in data-driven remarketing.
Fewer emails get sent with remarketing, but they’re more targeted and so their impact is greater. Especially if you are turning a potential negative experience into a positive, like addressing a technical website issue for example.
And remarketing is still one of the most underused forms of marketing. Fewer than 20 percent of retailers actively use their big data, (Forbes), which is alarming when, just last year a McKinsey Global Institute Report estimated that retailers have the potential to increase their operating margin by more than 60 percent if they do.
Here at Ve, we find that the average abandonment rate across a sample size of over 2,000 e-commerce clients is at 91 percent! Yes really, that high. Let’s face it, we’re all digital researchers after all.
But remember, consumers have evolved expectations now.
Which is why in our award-winning cart recovery and remarketing programmes, we employ complex criteria filtering that can track hundreds of fields and set criteria to each one of them, based on valuable insight like their purchase intent, helping us to adjust our clients' content strategies for optimal remarketing performance.
In addition, we also offer a cookie-free solution that uses live basket product-feed technology to repopulate and rebuild abandoned carts on the fly, regardless of which device the original abandonment took place on. Important when on average, people are using a three-screen combo a day, (Google). We want to give our clients’ customers a seamless experience, tailored to this multi-screen use, not cause frustration by sending them to an error message.
Add urgency and an incentive to spend more into the mix and go go go, get closing those transactions... Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas are just around the corner!