How Onsite Assistance Turns Browsers Into Buyers

By Ellie Hubble on Jul 30, 2015 / Comments
So you’ve got the customer to your site, they have a browse and then, for whatever reason, abandon.   But why? Perhaps the user encounters poor page load times, or maybe you have an untrustworthy-looking landing page.   Whatever the reasons why, this user abandonment is... read more

How SmartFoneStore Recovered Lost Sales

By Danny O'Reilly on Jul 29, 2015 / Comments
The Consumer Electronics sector is one hallmarked by high abandonment. A combination of high value items and lower margins for online retailers make it a magnet for comparison shopping, protracted decision making and inevitably abandonment.   In fact, with abandonment at a lofty 74%... read more

How NOT to Run a Prospecting Campaign

By Danny O'Reilly on Jul 24, 2015 / Comments
Running a prospecting campaign is a complicated art form, littered with perplexing jargon and complex algorithms. And once one has got their head around the attribution models and the multitude of acronyms, comes the issue of how to actually run a prospecting campaign responsibly and... read more

How Pontins Bucked the Travel Sector Trend

By Ellie Hubble on Jul 22, 2015 / Comments
The online Travel Industry is an incredibly difficult sector to navigate and succeed in. With bookers browsing dozens of sites before booking and consumers always hunting for the best deals, as well as a traditionally long-tail user journey; it’s harder than ever for travel companies to convert... read more

Data Shows Email Re-engagement Vital To Hotels Recovering Lost Bookings

By Danny O'Reilly on Jul 20, 2015 / Comments
Comparison shopping is a staple of the hotel sector. As we know, people tend to take a more conscientious approach to deciding where to while away their 20 or so days off a year than they do over the purchase of the flip flops they’ll take with them.   So it comes as no surprise that... read more

How Can You Help Customers Find Your Products?

By Ellie Hubble on Jul 17, 2015 / Comments
Companies rightly spend a lot of time and effort on re-engaging abandoners who browsed their site or got even further through the user journey before abandoning. But what about the customers who land on your site and leave seconds after because they can’t find what they want? Without a second... read more

Research Reveals That Onsite Assistance is the Key to Helping Airline Bookings Take Off

By Danny O'Reilly on Jul 14, 2015 / Comments
Exclusive travel abandonment and re-engagement data from Ve Interactive has revealed that onsite assistance is a key driver in airlines securing more bookings.   33% of prospective bookers who engaged with an onsite overlay, served at the very point of abandonment went on to book... read more

The Recreation Sector and its Email Re-engagement Success

By Ellie Hubble on Jul 14, 2015 / Comments
The Online Retail Sector is a difficult industry for eCommerce retailers to succeed in, due in part to stiff competition and increasingly expectant consumers. Abandonment in Online Retail is on average 70%, meaning that 7 out of every 10 customers who add an item to their basket will abandon... read more

How NOT to Send a Re-engagement Email

By Danny O'Reilly on Jul 10, 2015 / Comments
“If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.” One of the few safe for work mantras from Hunter S. Thompson. It couldn’t be more apt for almost any situation, whether you’re doing the washing up or sending a prospective customer a re-engagement email.   Unfortunately however,... read more