How Digital Display Ads Can Convert More Graduate Applicants

By Ellie Hubble on Mar 26, 2015 / Comments
Graduates may have to deal with a lot of competition on the job hunt, but the same can be said for their recruiters.   With 4083 new agencies launched last year alone (a 7% increase on 2013), the industry’s growth is showing no sign of slowing down.   Thousands of roles... read more

3 Implications Of Wearable Tech On Ecommerce

By Danny O'Reilly on Mar 26, 2015 / Comments
Roll your eyes, look away or bury your head in the sand all you like, but it’s almost impossible to ignore the buzz surrounding wearable tech.   And with tech behemoths Apple releasing their much anticipated smartwatch, wearables are rather rubberstamped as part of the mobile device... read more

How To Discount Without Discounting

By Ellie Hubble on Mar 24, 2015 / Comments
Discounts can be a valuable short-term tool in eCommerce, but they can also be counterproductive to your company’s conversion goals and brand value in the long run. Lowering prices may attract some savvy consumers hunting for a bargain, but they are unlikely to instil brand loyalty.... read more

Native Retail Apps: 4 Companies Who Are Getting It Right

By Ellie Hubble on Mar 18, 2015 / Comments
To app or not to app: that is the question on retailers’ minds. It costs money, takes time and no one will organically find it.   But for companies with the money, resources and dedicated client base, an app can be a great way to engage tech-savvy consumers on a popular platform and... read more

What The Future Holds For Online Donations

By Danny O'Reilly on Mar 17, 2015 / Comments
Shaking a bucket outside a supermarket, street canvassers scribing long complicated forms or laboriously filling in credit card details online. All have their merits, but they’re hardly at the cutting edge of donations.     What if your wannabe donor doesn’t have a pocket... read more

Registration, Guest Checkout Or Social Login?

By Ellie Hubble on Mar 16, 2015 / Comments
When it comes to the checkout, it can be difficult to know which login options to offer the user. Do you just choose one and commit to it fully? Do you throw all three at the consumer and hope that one will appeal?   There are merits and downsides to each option so there is no... read more

4 Ways Charities Can Implement Trust On The Donations Page

By Ellie Hubble on Mar 11, 2015 / Comments
It’s a sad fact of eCommerce that it is easier to lose trust than it is to gain it. If a user encounters slow load times or poor navigation on a site for example, they’re likely to abandon and never return.   For organisations such as charities, especially those of the smaller or... read more

3 Key Questions Ahead of Google’s ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Algorithm Change

By Danny O'Reilly on Mar 10, 2015 / Comments
We’ve been promising you that 2015 is the year of the mobile. In fact we said it in 2014. But now Google have caught up and announced that they’re including mobile-friendliness in their search algorithm from April 21st of this year.   So not only will lack of a fully-fledged mobile... read more

6 Landing Page Copy Tips We Can Take From TV’s ‘Mad Men’

By Ellie Hubble on Mar 9, 2015 / Comments
Your slicker than slick ad campaign has led the consumer to your site (well done by the way). And now it’s time for your landing page to shine. The landing page is all about the end game, the conversion, and its copy needs to be spot-on if it’s going to be successful.   If your work... read more