How Can You Get More Quality Traffic To Your Site?

By Ellie Hubble on Jul 3, 2015 / Comments
It doesn’t matter what product or service your site offers, if you’re not attracting enough traffic, then your site is not reaching its potential. So why is it that you aren’t you getting it?   There are a multitude of reasons. Perhaps your digital advertising strategy is lacking,... read more

3 Best Practice Tips For Display Retargeting Success

By Graham McEnroe on Jul 2, 2015 / Comments
  In this frenzied environment of multiple tabs and high abandonment, strategically placing display adverts on other websites, to users who have already shown interest, can rekindle interest and keep brands at the forefront of the customer’s mind. This is display retargeting.... read more

Onsite Assistance the Key to Student Acquisition

By Danny O'Reilly on Jul 1, 2015 / Comments
Exclusive abandonment data from Ve Interactive has revealed that onsite assistance is a key driver in student acquisition.   42% of prospective students who were served with an onsite overlay at the very point of abandonment went on to complete their open day registration or course... read more

How To Evaluate Display Advertising Success

By Graham McEnroe on Jun 26, 2015 / Comments
  Most digital marketing budgets are dedicated to bringing in new customers, and one of the best ways to do this is with display prospecting. This is the placement of display adverts on websites where your target customers would most likely visit, decided through a series of... read more

How To Optimise Your Abandonment Email Campaigns

By Graham McEnroe on Jun 24, 2015 / Comments
  Email re-engagement is an invaluable asset in any brand’s online marketing arsenal. It’s the most effective way of monetising existing traffic by engaging with your most promising leads, targeting those customers who have already show interest.   But what if your campaigns... read more

5 Metrics You Should Be Measuring In Your Email Re-engagement Campaigns

By Danny O'Reilly on Jun 22, 2015 / Comments
One of the most potent conversion tools in the marketer’s arsenal is the re-engagement email. Delivering a timely reminder of an abandoned purchase to your customer, straight to their inbox.   But just because your email re-engagement campaigns win back some of these otherwise lost... read more

Social Highlights From Travel Technology – Disruptions In The Supply Chain

By Graham McEnroe on Jun 18, 2015 / Comments
Travel is being shaken up by so-called "digital disruptors", altering customer expectations and challenging all in the sector to meet them.   So as part of London Tech Week and for the second year running, Travolution and Open Destinations organised an excellent event (which Ve... read more

3 Mobile Strategies To Consider

By Ellie Hubble on Jun 17, 2015 / Comments
We’re at the stage in eCommerce where the question has evolved from “Should we invest in mobile?” to “How?”   When building your mobile site, there are three options on the table; standalone site, responsive design or native app. And to muddy the waters slightly, you can plump for... read more

Effective Personalisation For Better Display Adverts

By Ellie Hubble on Jun 15, 2015 / Comments
A well thought-out display ad can be just what your online strategy needs to retarget customers and wow them with your products/services. Many successful organisations use them, and to great effect. But are yours optimised to their maximum potential?   It’s great to have display ads... read more