Your Roadmap to Sparkling Website Copy

By Graham McEnroe on Oct 30, 2014 / Comments
  Whether it’s on the homepage, product page, landing page or anywhere else, website copy forms a big part of that crucial first impression with the customer. Often overlooked for imagery or design, copy can get dismissed as an afterthought - something which will naturally fall into... read more

Instant gratification: A new era of eCommerce

By Danny O'Reilly on Oct 30, 2014 / Comments
Instant gratification - the last differentiator between clicks and bricks.   For years that weird and wonderful 'bzzt, prrr garrrrrrrrrrr e-donk, tahhhhhhhh, zzzzzzzzzzz' noise was the stuff of wonder and awe, as the worldwide information superhighway awaited.   But the... read more

5 Ways to Bump-up your Average Order Value

By Graham McEnroe on Oct 29, 2014 / Comments
Most people shop by product online. This makes it less likely you’ll have customers skipping through your site going supermarket sweep on their cart, and more likely they’ll parachute down to the landing page, pay and get out with the precision of an experienced paratrooper.   Don’t... read more

4 tips to help you outsmart the crowd this Cyber Monday

By Danny O'Reilly on Oct 28, 2014 / Comments
It’s coming. The starting pistol for the holiday season, and the biggest day of the year for eCommerce, is just around the corner. What I’m talking about of course, is Cyber Monday.   On the 1st December this year, countless online retailers will be offering significant discounts to... read more

Are we finally ready for SMS re-engagement?

By Graham McEnroe on Oct 23, 2014 / Comments
  Text marketing was first introduced at a time where WAP internet was at the cutting edge of technology, and to be frank, it wasn’t great – hamstrung by poor functionality. But today with text messages capable of meeting higher creative standards, it’s now an area that’s been given a new... read more

Scary good re-engagement tactics for this Halloween

By Graham McEnroe on Oct 23, 2014 / Comments
All hallows eve is almost upon us – Double, Double, Toil and Trouble. The biggest trouble for most would-be revellers is finding the right costume in time, and the peer pressure that comes with.   As a costume is normally a ‘for one night only’ kind of purchase, that falls squarely... read more

Why are abandonment rates in DIY lower than the rest of the retail sector?

By Danny O'Reilly on Oct 23, 2014 / Comments
Much to the relief of DIY enthusiasts everywhere, home improvement behemoths B&Q have revamped their much maligned website.   As many of you have probably heard, the site reportedly cost a cool £60 million. Thus making it one of the most expensive eCommerce sites ever built.... read more

Don’t fail to deliver this Christmas

By Danny O'Reilly on Oct 21, 2014 / Comments
It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and the busiest.   There are only 53 online shopping days until Christmas. Or 52 until many of us begin contemplating it. Desperately scrabbling around online, or heaven forbid, considering a trip to the high street.   Last year, 61... read more

The Good News in Bad Reviews

By Graham McEnroe on Oct 16, 2014 / Comments
It’s never been easier for someone to trash a company online. With review mega-sites and social media giving everyone a soapbox to bemoan a lacking customer experience.   Social proof is something we’ve previously spoken about on this blog as a powerful motivational lever, with... read more