4 Persuasive Techniques To Increase Subscriptions In Online Publishing

By Danny O'Reilly on Mar 5, 2015 / Comments
Since Gutenberg’s inaugural printing press nigh 600 years ago, the publishing sector has invariably remained the same. Newspapers, books and magazines were all written, printed onto parchment and distributed to fervent readers.     But back to the future. With the very recent... read more

Mobile Checkouts: 4 Companies That Are Getting It Right

By Ellie Hubble on Mar 5, 2015 / Comments
In the wake of Google’s recent email to all non-mobile friendly websites (stating that sites will be penalised in search rankings if they don’t improve their mobile optimisation), it’s more important than ever to optimise for mobile.   For the first time in history, mobile now... read more

Maximising Conversions From Your Google Grant

By Danny O'Reilly on Mar 2, 2015 / Comments
On average, 90% of a digital marketing spend is splurged on acquiring traffic. The mathematicians amongst us will know that leaves a mere 10% for converting it.   That’s where your Google Grant helps out. A free $10,000 a month to spend on keywords help appear near the top of the... read more

The Benefits of a One Platform Conversions Solution

By Graham McEnroe on Feb 26, 2015 / Comments
  Digital display advertising can be a fuzzy practice. From unpredictable users to unsure metrics to speculative attribution – nothing can be taken for granted in this vital field for any modern aspirational company.   And while there are many different methods to improve... read more

Are Growing Pains Undermining UK Ecommerce?

By Danny O'Reilly on Feb 26, 2015 / Comments
You’ve ticked off the conversion rate optimisation checklist. Highly targeted ads driving the right traffic to your site. Check. A seamless user journey, always guiding the customer to the checkout. Tick. And a sleek email re-engagement campaign to pick up anyone who fell through the cracks.... read more

Your Conversion Strategy Through The Customer's Eyes

By Ellie Hubble on Feb 25, 2015 / Comments
With our VePlatform, we help optimise our clients’ eCommerce strategies by broadening their websites’ functionality through our intelligent suite of apps. It’s important to explain how the apps work and analyse success with clients, but sometimes it can be valuable to see things from ‘the other... read more

Why Bookers Abandon In Travel…And How To Win Them Back Again

By Danny O'Reilly on Feb 19, 2015 / Comments
Allow me to paint a familiar picture. You’ve created an attractive travel website. Stunning hero images, sleek carousels and enticing deals. All arranged and displayed so that everything is a mere mouse click away and easily located.   Next, with Zen-esque patience and finesse, you... read more

How to Improve Email Deliverability

By Graham McEnroe on Feb 19, 2015 / Comments
There is a common misconception that, barring a system blackout or freak electrical storm, all emails sent will make it to their intended destination. This is not the case, and one thing we’ll come to find out is that there’s a big difference between emails sent and emails delivered.... read more

5 Bad Habits eCommerce Companies Should Give Up

By Ellie Hubble on Feb 17, 2015 / Comments
We all have our annoying habits. Biting finger nails, queue-barging, shoplifting brie. Giving these things up is hard. But at Ve we’re never gonna give you up, let you down or desert you. We’re here to help you drive more conversions with some kick-ass eCommerce optimisation tips.  ... read more