3 Guiding Principles of Landing Page Design

By Graham McEnroe on May 21, 2015 / Comments
  Your website has been promoted from signpost to the sales floor in the last few years. What was once essentially an expensive brochure, is now a fundamental part of any good marketing strategy actively helping businesses reach their objectives.   In essence, it’s your best... read more

Digital Display Ads: Location Over Creation

By Danny O'Reilly on May 20, 2015 / Comments
One of the most overlooked aspects of running a digital display campaign is that of ad placement.   The effective placement of a display ad is the difference between good results and no results. While a well thought-out ad with catchy copy, slick design and optimised images will... read more

The Call-to-Action: 4 Publishers Getting It Right

By Ellie Hubble on May 19, 2015 / Comments
The online publishing industry is in a state of flux thanks to the rise of digital. Getting subscribers is an increasingly difficult challenge and subscription abandonment is rife.   So what can you do to drive up that subscription rate? Well one thing is to make it as easy as... read more

How To Design Effective Display Ads

By Ellie Hubble on May 14, 2015 / Comments
A well-considered display ad can be just what your online strategy needs to attract prospective customers and wow them with your products/services. Many successful organisations use them, and to great effect. But are yours designed to their maximum potential?   When it comes to... read more

Social Highlights From ‘Giving Higher Education The Digital Edge’

By Danny O'Reilly on May 14, 2015 / Comments
Although undergraduate applications have returned to their pre tuition fee rise pomp, the education sector still faces many challenges. Chiefly; student acquisition.   With average abandonment rates of 92.1% - the highest of any vertical, just how universities can attain more... read more

Digital Display Ads: The Limitations Of CPC

By Danny O'Reilly on May 12, 2015 / Comments
For even the well versed, digital display advertising is a rather complex art form. Acronyms like CPA, CPC and CPM, all part of the everyday digital ad lexicon, can befuddle the uninitiated and leave even the veterans feeling a little fuzzy.   That’s why for many, when choosing a... read more

The Big Data Revolution

By Graham McEnroe on May 7, 2015 / Comments
  Challenging the status quo in digital marketing, leading one of the top big data projects in the world, and the driving passion to become the next tech giant.   Ve Interactive Director of Data Cyrille Vincey gives his personal account of how Ve will take online... read more

How To Attract The Best Students With Digital Display Ads

By Ellie Hubble on May 6, 2015 / Comments
All universities know that the key to undergraduate acquisition is open day registration. If a prospective student attends an open day, they’re extremely likely to select that university as one of their preferred choices.   But with the amount of quality universities vying for... read more

4 Ways To Personalise Your Retargeting Ads

By Ellie Hubble on May 5, 2015 / Comments
We love to spend time online and the online user buys more online that ever before. Though, the modern consumer is more inclined to hopscotch from one site to another numerous times before making their purchase, with on average just 2% of all web traffic completing their transaction first time... read more