Increasing conversions through onsite re-engagement

By Danny O'Reilly on Jan 26, 2015 / Comments
The beauty of conversion rate optimisation is that it never stops. You can always make your pages more relevant, more persuasive and more delightful.   Unfortunately, for a multitude of reasons, customers will always abandon. So you need to be armed with the tools to turn those... read more

Cyber Weekend has Transformed the Buying Calendar - How Can Companies Adapt?

By Graham McEnroe on Jan 22, 2015 / Comments
  The now dubbed Cyber Weekend has transformed the Christmas period for retailers. Last year British retailers experienced the highest online sales figures on record in the UK, while the effects also spilled over into offline with people more than keen to latch on to the once US only... read more

How education providers can turn New Year’s Resolutions pledgers into students

By Danny O'Reilly on Jan 22, 2015 / Comments
New year, new me. The same old clichés: Eat better, drink less and exercise more. Maybe even learn something new.     Some will prosper, but most will fail. The number of florescent clad joggers circling the local park will dwindle day by day, and the pubs will begin to fill... read more

4 variables you should be testing in your onsite re-engagement campaigns

By Danny O'Reilly on Jan 14, 2015 / Comments
Testing, testing, one, two, three.   Testing is the cornerstone of any successful re-engagement campaign, helping weed out detracting elements, as well as capitalising on the opportunities they portend.   An onsite re-engagement overlay is deployed when a customer decides to... read more

The Retailer's Guide to Surviving Dry January Online

By Graham McEnroe on Jan 13, 2015 / Comments
  January has arrived and the financial forecast for many of us is bleak, very bleak. For most the first month of the year means a tightening of the belt, the stretching of the funds, and more than an acceptable amount of questions like the one below.   This seasonal... read more

How to Optimise Any Email Marketing Campaign

By Graham McEnroe on Jan 6, 2015 / Comments
  The following blog is taken from our latest eBook - The 2015 Marketer’s Guide to Email Re-Engagement That Work. Download the full version for free here.     So by now you’ve rolled out your dream email re-engagement campaign. Your company is recovering more... read more

The true cost of the 12 days of Christmas online...Part 2

By Danny O'Reilly on Dec 23, 2014 / Comments
So we trust you read part one of this festive tale. But to recap, Graham has been brazenly performing larceny with my puns.   To make amends… he’s been buying me a few gifts. Problem is, they’re from the 12 days of Christmas, and now I have a flat full of live poultry. I know how the... read more

eCommerce trends for 2015

By Danny O'Reilly on Dec 18, 2014 / Comments
What a year it’s been for eCommerce; mobile browsing overtaking desktop, Black Friday gazumping Cyber Monday and data protection coming to the fore after ‘the cloud’ was hacked.   But putting nostalgia to one side, here at Ve Interactive we don’t like to look misty eyed into the past... read more

New EU Data Protection Legislation 2015

By Danny O'Reilly on Dec 17, 2014 / Comments
The state of play The status quo is that the EU Data Protection Directive is applied slightly differently within each of the 28 EU member states.   A little bit of a headache for online merchants who operate, or hold data in multiple EU countries.   The EU Commission is... read more