eCommerce trends for 2015

By Danny O'Reilly on Dec 18, 2014 / Comments
What a year it’s been for eCommerce; mobile browsing overtaking desktop, Black Friday gazumping Cyber Monday and data protection coming to the fore after ‘the cloud’ was hacked.   But putting nostalgia to one side, here at Ve Interactive we don’t like to look misty eyed into the past... read more

New EU Data Protection Legislation 2015

By Danny O'Reilly on Dec 17, 2014 / Comments
The state of play The status quo is that the EU Data Protection Directive is applied slightly differently within each of the 28 EU member states.   A little bit of a headache for online merchants who operate, or hold data in multiple EU countries.   The EU Commission is... read more

The true cost of the 12 days of Christmas online…Part 1

By Graham McEnroe on Dec 17, 2014 / Comments
Let me start with Merry Christmas, because it’s going to get slightly surreal from here on in. I’ve been caught red-handed lifting some of Danny’s puns, and this time a caramel latte with extra cream isn’t cutting it.   So, as someone who thinks about conversion rate optimisation 24/... read more

How to Pre-empt those Online January Blues

By Graham McEnroe on Dec 11, 2014 / Comments
  Look, I know that this blog isn't going to be very popular right now. Everyone’s in the midst of Christmas mania, day-dreaming of a sack full of sugar plums (something like that?), and pushing January out of consciousness alongside their bank balance nearing the end of the month.... read more

5 landing page distractions that are killing your conversions

By Danny O'Reilly on Dec 11, 2014 / Comments
Distraction is a symptom of modern life. And it’s killing your conversion rates.   As I write this I’m checking my email, peeking at a couple of social media channels (LinkedIn I promise), and trying to plot some online Christmas shopping. Oh, and did I mention I have Taylor... read more

Black Friday Overtakes Cyber Monday as UK’s Top eCommerce Event

By Graham McEnroe on Dec 10, 2014 / Comments
  Another Cyber Weekend has come and gone, delivering spectacularly once more on both sides of the pond. After last year’s performance figures revealed a much greater awareness if not complete adoption of the commercial holiday in the UK, predictions were bullish ahead of this year... read more

The online shopping days of Christmas

By Danny O'Reilly on Dec 9, 2014 / Comments
It’s a deal, it’s a steal, its sale of the century. We’ve all seen the Black Friday headlines, and people jousting (to put it lightly) over plasma televisions.   Fortunately, it’s possible to avoid some of the Hunger Games-esque high street Olympics as an online merchant. And there’s... read more

5 Psychological Triggers to Close More Conversions Online

By Graham McEnroe on Dec 4, 2014 / Comments
In many ways psychology is just another synonym for marketing. And we all know, having the best product isn’t everything in online selling. Your website must also succeed in the art of persuasion.   And, as luck would have, there are a few psychological triggers to help you achieve... read more

5 tips to improve image carousels in time for Christmas

By Danny O'Reilly on Dec 3, 2014 / Comments
The much lamented image carousel. The scourge of the homepage, and the fodder for many a naysaying conversion rate optimisation article.   Whether it’s poor usability, shoddy navigation or just plain old dislike, the humble image carousel has come in for a bit of a bashing within... read more