How to Bounce Back From eCommerce Rejection

By Graham McEnroe on Nov 20, 2014 / Comments
  Allow me to begin this blog with a disclaimer: This is not a blog about online dating. I apologise to any of you whom I misled. Herein is a blog piece about losing customers online, and how to more effectively get them back.   Yet before looking at how to get customers back... read more

A page by page guide to product recommendations

By Danny O'Reilly on Nov 20, 2014 / Comments
  Product recommendations. There’s a fine line, somewhere between customer service and hard selling. And it’s always the challenge to navigate.   Whether it’s a little bit of peer to peer guidance, highlighting cult classics or best-sellers, essential accessories or a nifty... read more

6 Ways to Improve your Onsite Search Feature

By Graham McEnroe on Nov 20, 2014 / Comments
  The onsite search bar has been a favourite of many online shoppers for a while now. Yet whether through Google, Netflix, Spotify or another worldwide favourite, we’ve grown accustomed to quick and easy search and find.   So for eCommerce companies it’s more crucial than... read more

When less is more: Averting paralysis of choice in eCommerce

By Danny O'Reilly on Nov 18, 2014 / Comments
As the French adage has it: “Trop de choix tue le choix” - too much choice kills the choice.   But customers will always tell you they like to have options. An array of alternatives. The more the merrier.   Well earlier this week I popped to my local convenience store to... read more

Cyber Monday to Find Feet in the UK: Putting Conversion Data Under the Microscope

By Graham McEnroe on Nov 13, 2014 / Comments
  Cyber Monday is a red-letter day for all in the eCommerce world. Companies big and small slash prices to the behest of eager shoppers keen to find a bargain before the Christmas madness fully descends.   What began as a US way of tasering some life into the sleeping late... read more

5 questions to ask your product pages

By Danny O'Reilly on Nov 13, 2014 / Comments
At this point in our eCommerce education, we all have at least a vague idea of what belongs on a good product page. But knowing which ingredients go into baking a cake does not an expert make.    That’s the trouble with best practices guide. They’re limited by their own... read more

3 cool mobile innovations that we like

By Danny O'Reilly on Nov 13, 2014 / Comments
Mobile commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate. But the issue of high abandonment remains an albatross around the necks of all in the marketplace.   Although it appears everyone owns a smartphone, there are many who choose not to purchase with one. Or if they do, it’s an... read more

4 ways to encourage impulse buys

By Danny O'Reilly on Nov 11, 2014 / Comments
Bricks and mortar retailers have been cashing in on impulse buying for years.   There’s no more pertinent example than supermarkets. Who hide essentials like milk and bread at the back of aisle 55, while sweets and chocolate are placed at a 5 year olds eye level next to the checkout... read more

5 Confidence Killers in eCommerce Websites

By Graham McEnroe on Nov 6, 2014 / Comments
  Confidence breeds success, and success breeds confidence. That’s quite the loop, and equally true in eCommerce. If a website doesn’t instil confidence in the customer, then the conversion simply won’t happen. In fact, with our risk averse customer mentality, many people will be... read more