What new long distance EU selling regulations mean for eCommerce retailers

By Danny O'Reilly on Sep 11, 2014 / Comments
 “I wish to complain about this parrot what I purchased not half an hour ago from this very boutique.”   The returns battleground. The much maligned faute de mieux for retailers, and the source of perpetual angst for your customer.   The seller / customer relationship... read more

Retail conversion tips in time for Christmas

By Graham McEnroe on Sep 11, 2014 / Comments
Beardy pop-rockers Wizzard once said (repeatedly), ‘I wish it could be Christmas everyday’.   What a ridiculous statement. Please excuse this pedantic dissection of a well-loved, cheery classic, but Christmas is special precisely because it only happens once a year – except if you’re... read more

How Scottish independence could impact UK eCommerce

By Danny O'Reilly on Sep 9, 2014 / Comments
They may take our currency, they may close the border (they can keep their Irn Bru mind), but they will never take down our eCommerce. To misquote William Wallace, almost certainly misquoted by Mel Gibson.   On Thursday September 18th, around 6 million Scots will vote on whether... read more

Email A/B testing: Beware of false positives

By Graham McEnroe on Sep 9, 2014 / Comments
    Always learning. A popular credo, and one you should apply to all email marketing endeavours.   A/B split testing is the UV light that shows up the problems in your email re-engagement campaigns. It can serve as a life jacket for a sinking campaign, or a tune-up... read more

Drive conversions with geo-targeting

By Danny O'Reilly on Sep 4, 2014 / Comments
Geo-location has existed on our smartphones for as long as the camera has. But its potential has lain almost dormant. Wasted on ‘checking in’ at the local gastro pub, or at best as a glorified pocket sat-nav.   Pinpointing the location of someone’s smartphone is not just the modus... read more

4 landing page mistakes guaranteed to cost conversions

By Graham McEnroe on Sep 4, 2014 / Comments
  The landing page is a most potent force in any eCommerce company’s arsenal. Straight talking, direct, and to the point, closing conversions is its basis for existence. If it were a golf club, it’d be a putter.   But not all are created equal, some being more clinical than... read more

Mobile conversion strategy: Native app or responsive design?

By Danny O'Reilly on Sep 3, 2014 / Comments
Responsive design or a native app? In a perfect world both would be ideal, however for most companies this is not financially viable.  So the question becomes, which of these two mobile conversion strategies becomes top priority?   Here we look at the two, weighing up the... read more

Increasing conversions: Getting online customers past the research phase

By Graham McEnroe on Sep 2, 2014 / Comments
  Ecommerce has evolved, and so have online shopping habits. Customers now more than ever are likely to browse high and low before making their final decision when buying online.   In fact, shoppers being not ready to buy is the second largest reason behind cart... read more

Know your metrics: How well is your website really engaging visitors?

By Graham McEnroe on Aug 28, 2014 / Comments
  Every website is judged by conversions, and eCommerce is very much a results game. But while conversions are the score-line, your onsite metrics are the post-game analysis, revealing why instead of just what. And your Google analytics provide the ideal schematic to show just which... read more