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The original, trusted No.1 cart recovery expert
Ve Interactive is a full data-driven solutions provider, helping merchants
Get Online, Convert Online and Understand Online

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The world’s first multi currency & multi lingual shopping cart platform to have fully integrated cart recovery and remarketing software. VeCommerce will deliver the highest converting online experience across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

For non e-commerce sites, we also have VeCommercePublish™, which provides features that include: content management system capability, and we offer optimisation for all mobile and tablet devices.

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Instantly increase your online sales with our multi award-winning cart recovery and remarketing software VeCapture and VeContact. These data-driven solutions drive online conversions for over 3,000 Ve Interactive clients by capturing real time, pre and post click data from abandoned shopping carts and implementing remarketing campaigns, based on extensive criteria-filtering. Conversions can be reported through your existing affiliate network, or if you do not use affiliate marketing, through our private network - VeMerchant™.

Once we are converting sales for you, we then turn our attention to reducing your abandonment issue and increasing efficiency on your site. In other words, we help and then we fix!

VeCapture & VeContact are winners of: a Software Satisfaction Award 2012 (voted for by the end-user); a British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) award 2011 for Retail; a TechWorld 2011 UKTI Business Innovation award and a Marketing Innovation award 2011.

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VeChat can dynamically interact with your website visitors at any point in their online journey. This means you can keep them engaged with your brand, boost your customer satisfaction and ultimately drive conversions; increasing your online revenues and customer base in the process. Whether your visitors are having trouble finding an item, or they want to ask a question or enquire about special offers, VeChat's dynamic messaging will dramatically reduce your website abandonment rate, by targeting those 80 percent of individuals who don’t leave an email address.


  • 21% of online shoppers prefer to engage in online chat over other methods of communication 
  • Visitors who chat are three times more likely to purchase 
  • On Average, Order Values through chat are 35% higher
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Our private network reporting tool allowing those online merchants using VeCapture & VeContact to easily review their website performance and pay for conversions with confidence.
There is also a VeMerchant App available for iPhone.
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The valuable data we generate gives key performance insights that we can then use to help identify additional ways for our clients achieve their sales and digital marketing goals. Our VeServices range from design and development, through to traffic-driving activities, SEO, Email/Affiliate marketing, content creation and social media.
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Quick to deploy, a VeSiteAudit is often opted for at the beginning of the online conversion drive, however you can instigate an audit at any time to extract key data for segmentation and to learn about your site’s current performance.


Our powerful analytics tool VeAnalytics enables real-time data segmentation in order to gain a thorough understanding of your website’s performance and user activity.

VeAnalytics™ also pulls your Google Analytics data, in order to frame it in better context, verify it, drill it down to a user-level and output a new blended view. This insight can then be used to drive greater efficiency.


How do you benchmark your website’s performance? Driving content, traffic and optimisation strategies are all very important, but ideally you should know industry averages to measure your site against.

VeInsights provides this key insight across a number of industries and sectors. Our software products analyse £Billions of live, real-time attempted transactions daily and hundreds of £Millions of successful transactions every week.

This unique insight allows us to build a valuable, statistical overview of each industry/sector and in turn, establish benchmarks for our clients. That way they can understand not only their own site’s efficiency and where it ranks in their appropriate industry or sector, but they can also stay fully up to date with consumer trends, market insights and inspiration too, all supported by our in-house industry reports and whitepapers.


All of Ve Interactive’s software and solutions are driven from the VeDataHub. This Tier 4 secure, cloud-based processing engine, provides seamless data integration across all the Ve solutions used and supplies deeper reporting and segmentation capabilities. (NB. Tier 4 is government-level for security and reliability).

We optimise online merchants’ transactional capabilities and broaden their sites’ functionality through our flagship suite of award-winning software products and services, providing them with the formula for total online efficiency.

The Veriodic Table™

Data is a science, providing essential insight to help online retailers arrive at answers. Our Veriodic Table serves as an interactive tabular guide to all the ‘elements’ required to achieve total online efficiency. By facilitating the blending of ‘variables,’ you can see what online results can be achieved and equally reverse engineer processes to discover exactly which Ve software/solutions are therefore needed.

Why Ve?

Ve Interactive is a digital powerhouse serving over 3,000 e-commerce clients around the world. Working in 19 languages and with 10 offices worldwide, we implement online efficiency strategies for domestic and multinational retailers.

Helping retailers Get Online, Convert Online and Understand Online is made possible by our VeDataHub™, the Tier 4 platform* that drives our proprietary suite of software products and solutions. As a result we are increasing online conversions for some of the world's best known brands by an average of 25% a year.
*(Tier 4 is government level for security & reliability)

Tracking £Billions of transactions daily, our comprehensive sample size and collective insight provides key data, enabling unparalleled cart recovery; remarketing; optimisation and efficiency strategies.  We take data security and legal compliance very seriously and as a result, also have many clients from the highly regulated Financial Services and Telco industries.

Named 'Marketing Services Company of the Year 2012'  (The Drum Awards) and recently awarded a prestigious Software Satisfaction Award 2012, Ve Interactive was also honoured to win a Bronze medal for 'Most Innovative Company in Europe 2012'  (Stevie® International Business Awards).

"Ve Interactive is a trusted and highly effective partner," Julia Dayment, Campaign Manager -

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